Wrybills feeding on the estuary yesterday

White herons seen on the estuary this month
June 26, 2015
Home sweet-smelling home at the estuary
July 7, 2015
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Wrybills feeding on the estuary yesterday

wrybills 2015-06-30 693

We have Wrybills feeding at the estuary at the moment.

Here’s a great shot taken yesterday by Terry Oliver-Ward. (Click it to see it full size and here are some more great Wrybill shots taken yesterday by Terry.)

The Wrybill is the only bird in the world with a laterally-curved bill (always curved to the right), which it uses to reach insect larvae under rounded riverbed stones. Wrybills are completely dependent on braided rivers in the South Island for breeding; and, after breeding, almost the entire population migrates north to winter in the harbours of the northern North Island.

More info on these amazing birds here.