About Us

Wildlife Foxton Trust

The centre

An educational and tourist centre in Foxton highlighting the local flora and fauna is central to our plans.

A series of aquaria, terraria and aviaries will highlight New Zealand native flora and fauna. A smaller number of tropical fish and exotic birds will be a comparison for school, university and other educational groups as well having an attraction in their own right for tourists.

Our location, just 130 metres off State Highway 1 at 48 Harbour Street, and on the banks of the Foxton Loop, will let us run river trips around the Loop to the Manawatu Estuary and the internationally acclaimed Ramsar area.

We are also an ideal starting point for both the Awahou Bush Boardwalk and the The Piriharekiki Walkway. There will be a restaurant [and bar] situated at the southern end of the site with access to the boat harbor and launching strip, both of which will be improved

Rejuvenating Foxton

We want our centre to help rejuvenate Foxton and establish it as a tourism destination.

Wildlife Foxton will be a primary destination for schools, social and tourist groups who can then flow on to the many other attractions in Foxton

  • the Flax Museum
  • Mavtech
  • the De Molen windmill
  • the horse-drawn tram
  • the Awahou Bush Boardwalk and the The Piriharekiki Walkway
  • Fernbird Flat
  • the Ramsar area

Wildlife Foxton will provide a small number of jobs in both the display area and the restaurant and the increase of visitors should call for an increase in employees in Foxton.

A hub for ecology

We see Wildlife Foxton, becoming a hub for other ecology ventures and Foxton based trusts.

Wildlife Foxton Trust is developing Memoranda of Understanding with: Foxton Community Board, Foxton Tourist and Development Association, Horizons, DoC, HDC, Wildbase Hospital, Manawatu Estuary Trust, SORT, Forest and Bird, Massey University, Palmerston North City Council, Landcare, Landcorp, Wellington Zoo, Environment Network Manawatu, Palmerston North Museum, Iwi, Owlcatraz etc.

We are entering to ‘partnership’ agreements with DoC, HRC and HDC to address the challenges of pest and weed control, beautification of the Foxton River Loop in Foxton township; mowing and maintenance of our walkways and other parts of Foxton and Foxton Beach as well as addressing the health hazard that is currently The Foxton Loop. We anticipate a very useful relationship between funding and volunteer work to preserve and promote the natural attributes of this area, which is the birthplace of the Manawatu.

Wildlife Foxton Trust will be proactive in the development of the ecological aspects of the region. Contrary to the national trend, Wildlife Foxton will work on the development and re-development of wetlands in the area, including but not limited to the Foxton River Loop; land bordering the loop currently owned by LINZ; Fernbird Flat and the Ramsar area.

The trust holds long term ambitions to purchase of Matarakapa Island with a view to turning it into a wetlands national park thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the area and making a meaningful contribution to the ‘clean green’ image of New Zealand.

Wildlife Foxton can provide accommodation for and act as regional centre for ecological organizations such as Forest and Bird and Ramsar.

Aims and Mission Statement

1. The Trust is established to carry out the preservation of local wildlife and to provide a world class tourism and educational facility linked to and enhancing the surrounding environment for the benefit of the general public and the community and economy of Foxton.
2. To be beneficial to the community by organizing and/or participating in environmental projects designed to:
• Preserve and protect flora and fauna by restoring local wildlife including native bird life, fisheries and flora
• Preserve protect and restore rivers in general, the Foxton Loop and the estuary of the Manawatu River in particular;
• Improve Foxton’s urban and rural environments;
3. To advance Tourism and Environmental Education via the Trust’s facilities.
4. To develop and promote Coastal Manawatu, the Manawatu River loop and the Manawatu Estuary and assist with the restoration of wildlife habitat throughout this are and to work with local Authorities in this endeavour.
5. To promote awareness of and provide education on environmental issues via the Trust’s facilities.
6. To work with Government Departments, Regional and Local Authorities, other organizations, groups and individuals to advance any of the Trust’s aims.
7. To do anything else within New Zealand to further these aims.