Key People

J.J. [Huck] Baird, Trustee

Huck is an extremely willing and practical man who can put his hand to almost every task from welding to horticulture.

He has a strong desire to see Foxton progress. He was a founding member of the Save Our River Trust, is a Trustee of the Flax Museum and on the Electoral College for Te Awahou Neustrom project and Wildlife Foxton Trust.

He has an extensive knowledge of the local environment with 60 years experience of our river , the Foxton Loop. .

John A. Bradley, Trustee

Born Nelson 1939. Past Public Service includes: Chief Customs Officer, Financial Management Consultant in Treasury’s Financial Support Service. Analyst/team leader at State Services Commission.

Assistant/acting Director National Art Gallery, and, finally, as Audit Manager in Ministry of Defence and, where he produced a major report to Government on Defence Force effectiveness and efficiency.

On leaving Public Service he became a Thoroughbred breeder and prominent industry advocate. He was commissioned by the Minister of Racing to produce a comprehensive report on options for the Racing Industry

John also saw army service overseas during the Malayan (communist terrorist) Emergency and later during the Indonesian confrontation.

John is an award winning photographer and journalist, a former Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and a retired member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Graham Carthew B.V.Sc. Trustee

Graham has been in Veterinary Practice in the Otaki/Horowhenua area for over forty years. Although most of his work has been with domestic animals, especially horses, he has always had a keen interest in wildlife.

Graham’s other interests include Otaki Rotary for forty years, and for the last twelve years, Chairman of the Totara Trust Horowhenua, a charitable trust which has two homes caring for intellectually disabled residents.

He is married to Ann and they have had seven children and eleven grandchildren which has engendered a lot of community involvement.

Graham looks forward to being part of the Foxton Wildlife Trust and contributing his expertise in developing the Wildlife Centre in Foxton.

Robert [Dr. Bob] H. Hoskins, Trustee

Born: Christchurch, New Zealand, 26 February 1945

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science with Honours in Zoology, University of Canterbury, 1966: Master of Science in Geology, University of Canterbury, 1968: Doctor of Philosophy in Geology, University of Exeter, 1978. Post Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Studies, Victoria University, 1995.

Experience: Geologist and Micropaleontogist, New Zealand Geological Survey, 1968– 1992: Librarian, Patent Office, 1993-1995, Foxton Librarian, 1995-2008.

Interests: A keen cyclist and advocate for safe cycleways away from main roads; an active advocate for new walking and cycle paths with separate cycle and pedestrian lanes on bridges; an active tramper focussing on the Tararua Range and who has assisted in the building of Te Araroa, particularly the Mangahao-Makahika Track: passionate about the fencing and planting of riparian zones, the redevelopment of wetlands and the removal of non-native weed species and currently active in the Manawatu and Horowhenua with a focus on the Manawatu River Loop at Foxton; have assisted in the planning, building and maintenance of Piriharakeke Walkway; an active member of Save our River Trust; and keen on campervan travelling, kites and woodworking.

Alastair K Cole, Trustee

Alastair Cole is a graduate from Massey University with a degree in Natural Resource Management. After graduating, Alastair has moved in and out of Department of Conservation in ranger and freshwater roles, Regional Council as a planner and now works for the NZ Landcare Trust as the Regional Co-ordinator for Manawatu – Whanganui, working with communities and groups on environmental initiatives throughout the region. He has a passion for animals and wildlife and is a private keeper of NZ native lizard species with an aim of becoming involved with breeding programmes for wild release. As a former worker in the pet trade, he has sound technical knowledge and experience with the housing and breeding of an array of fish, bird and reptile species. He is a member of the NZ Herpetological Society.

Through active interaction with schools, colleges and community groups, Alastair works diligently promoting education in all matters environmental and ecological.

John F. Girling, Interim Chairman

John has wide experience in many fields ranging from Agriculture to International Trade; John is an extremely positive man. As an Industrial Psychologist he traveled the world consulting with Governments and companies, large and small assisting them to become more efficient and profitable through improved communication, education, effective use of personnel and team building.

His personal experience includes managing a dairy farm, owning and operating a Health Club, a weekly newspaper and a construction company as well as being a director of a NZ Forestry company.

He spent 17 years in China as a Government Registered Foreign Expert in both Agriculture and Education. He was the first foreigner to win the Hainan Star Award in 2002 for services to Agriculture and in 2010 was awarded the “Coconut Island Award for Services to Hainan by the Provincial Government.

He is a member of New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society.

J.A [Tony] Murdoch, Facilitator

Tony is a highly experienced Design and Build propertry developer with many years experience both on and offshore,and licenses in Building, Design 2 and Site Management both domestic and high rise.

His experience includes 23 years as a Commercial orchardist, Special projects manager for the Development Finance Corporation EQC consultant.

His interests include boating, skiing, conservation and wildlife. He used to be a keen pilot and flew in the area for many years.,

Formerly a member of the Foxton Community Board, Tony cares deeply about Foxton and its future. He is currently an active member of the Save Our River Trust; The Manawatu Estuary Trust; The Lower Manawatu Scheme and the Manawatu Marine Boating Club.

Tony is also a life member of the Puketoi Mountain Club.

Dennis Keall, Consultant and Mentor

Dennis has been a senior Principal of New Zealand Financial Planning for many years and prior to that he was a Chartered Accountant and a Partner with the international accountancy firm Ernst & Young.

Throughout his professional career and in addition to his family life Dennis has also managed to maintain an ongoing interest in New Zealand’s many species of unique lizards and their conservation.

In more recent years this conservation aspect has intensified as the authorities in this area have realized that whilst habitat loss is an ongoing issue the critical factor in our lizards failing to survive in the wild was their losing battle with all the mammalian predators which human beings have introduced to these unique islands.

As a direct result of this realization, Dennis’s role with our declining lizards, both skinks and geckos has intensified as his long and wide experience in successfully keeping and breeding many of our over 96 species of endangered lizards for many years has been recognized. Kat recognition resulted in Dennis receiving his Queens Service Medal for services to Herpetology in September 2008.

Paul Gibson, Consultant & Mentor

Paul is a Whanganui accountant, and an amateur ornithologist. He is passionate about the outdoors and the beauty found in nature, with birds being his main focus.

Paul is author of three excellent New Zealand bird books and over the years has spent a lot of time at the Manawatu River Estuary, photographing and studying birds.